My thoughts on Poetry Slams

Hello everybody!

A few days ago I went to a Poetry Slam with a friend of mine! Neither of us presented a poem or anything, we just went there to listen. We hadn’t been to one before and we really wanted to know what they’re like! I’m very glad that we went there because it was so much fun! With this post I want to share my thoughts on Poetry Slams with you.

Everybody has heard of Poetry Slams before and you know that people read out their poems and you know that the audience or a jury decides which poem was the best one. But I didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like.
Now I know that it’s just amazing. I loved listening to the poets’ thoughts and ideas of the world!
Every single person in the whole room went quiet for a few minutes to listen to the individual Slammer.

There were five poets who each read out two of their literary work pieces. They were all about twenty years old and all super talented! Of course there were poems I liked more than others but still I thought that every single one was great.
The way they presented themselves and their stories so well and I just think that’s a cool talent!

I couldn’t do what Poetry Slammers do. They are so bold and brave!
First of all, they present their work in front of hundreds of people, maybe their families and friends are among the audience. The poets want to show everyone what they have been working on for the last couple of weeks or even months and they want to simply share their thoughts with the world. They know that they are being stared at for a few minutes and they know that they are being judged.

What is actually really idiotic about these Slams is that everybody gets rated on their stage performance and of course their literary work. Every single Slammer is talented and there shouldn’t be this competition thing, right?

One thing I really loved about the whole Poetry Slam was the fact that nobody came to win. They all came to present their work and to show their passion for poetry and writing. The audience couldn’t decide between the two finalists because both of their work pieces were just amazing. They didn’t seem to care at all about the prizes or which one of them won.

Have you ever been to a Poetry Slam? If so, did you listen or did you present your work? What was your experience? I would love to know!



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  1. my goal is to go to a poetry slam! it’s hard to find them because they are so niche. How did you hear about it? Where was the poetry slam?

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    • That’s a really cool goal for 2018, you should definitely go to a Poetry Slam this year!
      I read in my local newspaper about it and then went there a few days later.
      So I guess that you could google where the next Poetry Slam near you is, scan magazines and newspapers or check out what events your town/city is organising the next couple of months! Hope that helps you! xx


  2. This post was refreshing. I have been to a poetry slam once before…performed too. It was a beautiful experience.. Makes me want to go back! Also, do check out some of my poems that I’ve shared on my blog 🙂

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  3. This is so interesting…keep up
    You can check some of my blog poetry at

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  4. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please feel free to check it out.

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  5. Sounds like an amazing experience! I’ve always wanted to go to one, I watch some on YouTube lol. I definitely will one day! I’ve thought about reading my own work but I’m not ready for that yet lol

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  6. I’ve always wanted to go to a poetry slam! They look so emotional and powerful, I’d love to witness one! xx

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  7. I’ve heard about this too, but I’ve never been yet. I would love to go though, it must me so much fun!
    love, elena

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  8. Abhijith Padmakumar 13. August 2017 — 9:42

    Wow that was just an awesome post 😊. I loved it so much. What was your inspiration for this post ?

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