Boys who send mixed signals 

Hello everybody!

Today I’m blogging about a topic I’m sure a lot of you will relate to: boys who send you mixed signals. Over the last couple of months a lot of boys in my grade texted me or sent me signs I couldn’t quite interpret and I really want to share them with you. Comment down below if you can relate to any of these situations or if you can share any tips on how to handle these kind of signs. Thank you already!

I have this really nice guy sitting next to me in RE who sends me mixed signals. He talks to me all the time during class and we always laugh a lot.
A couple of days ago I saw him in the halls and I went over to him and thought I’d say hi.  I assumed that he’d be as nice to me as in class but I was wrong. I tried to make some small talk but he just responded in one-word answers and very shortly.
It seemed like he had amnesia suddenly and had forgotten that we had so much fun in class. I don’t like him in a love kind of way but still I think there’s nothing wrong with being nice and talking to a classmate!
The next time we had RE he acted like nothing ever happened and rambled on and I was like “How come you don’t talk to me in the hallways but here in this class you do?!”

I think we all know this one. This guy was in my old class and we always got along with each other. Now we don’t have that many classes together and we don’t talk that much during break time either. He is actually really funny and nice and it’s sad that we don’t have that much contact anymore!
Every other week he just hits me up with texts like “Hey, how’s it going?” or even just “Hi!” When I text back sophisticated conversations like this one result:

(Via Whatsapp)

Him: “Hi!”
Me: “Hey!”
Him: “How are you?”
Me: “Good and how are you?”
Him: “Me too, haha”
He goes offline
Me to myself: Whow, what an interesting conversation?!

Again, I don’t like this guy in a love way but still I think he should either have reasonable conversations with me or just leave it. Why on earth does he text me this nonsense?? What does he want from me??

This one is just weird. He was in my old class too, but we never talked to each other.
A few weeks ago I was home on a Friday night and got a lot of drunk texts from that guy, but from the handphone of another friend of mine. Supposedly they were at a party.
He wrote things like “Honeeeeey, please come over” or “I’m not drunk” which he clearly was. Then, the friend of mine texted me saying that the drunk friend had a crush on me and that he wouldn’t stop talking about me and that he had snatched his handphone to write to me.
I don’t like the drunk one in a love way AT ALL and the whole situation was just very weird and awkward.
Since that night we talk sometimes when we see each other in the hallways. It’s just small talk about school or tests but still. I guess that the drunk one always needs to have an incident with someone that involves alcohol in some way and then he can talk to the person.

*This nickname refers to Mr. Big from the series Sex and the City. The main character’s crush is always called “Big” in the friendship group. In order to avoid saying his real name publically my Mom and I call him Big.
So, Big is my crush at the moment. He’s in my grade and I’ve even got some classes with him. That means I can look and smile at him, hehe!
We hadn’t talked to each other until I approached him when we were in Brighton on a class trip. Since then we have talked a few times to each other, he kept smiling and looking at me and then there were the Easter holidays. I congratulated him to his birthday in April and I asked him if he’d like to come over to my place.
He did a few days later and we talked for hours. We got along with each other so well and we talked about everything under the sun! I feel like he also had a lot of fun and that he likes me back.
Ever since I have asked him a few more times if he wants to hang out again, he says yes, but he always adds that he has other plans already and that he’s really sorry. He’s got football practice, he has plans with his friends or he visits friends of his family.
What I don’t understand here is the fact that he obviously likes me, but never texts or snaps me, suggests any date, he talks to me at school and he just keeps staring and smiling at me!!! (And I mean, what kinds of smiles!) What am I supposed to do?

*I call him Small as he is Big’s best friend and they always appear together.
For some reason, he sends me mixed signals as well and this really confuses me.
I’ve got three classes with him. A few months ago I noticed that he was looking at me quite often. Whenever I caught his gaze in surprise he quickly looked away or just continued staring. I’m not saying that it’s forbidden to look at me but he was doing it so often and so obviously that it got quite noticeable.
I know from certain sources that he has a girlfriend who he loves very much. So why is he looking at me all the time? Isn’t he supposed to stare out the window and think about his girlfriend instead of staring at me?
I guess he knows that I have a crush on Big and maybe that’s why he’s staring at me. Maybe he wants to see if I’m the right one for his best friend??
Are boys talking to each other about girls at all? Do they advise each other?

*The Sheep is a friend of Big’s as well. I call him the Sheep because he kind of looks like one when he smiles. Don’t ask me why!

I don’t know if Big told him about me or anything but for some reason the Sheep is staring at me too.
Last summer he added me on Snapchat and sent me chats like “Hey, how’s it going?” or “What are you doing for the project days?” Sometimes he even sent me a snap where he was just smiling and I didn’t know how to reply to that. The weird thing here was that we weren’t in the same class at that point! I didn’t even know he existed!!!
A few weeks after these ‘sophisticated’ conversations he just ignored me again and that was it. I told my friends about this at school and some of them revealed that he had sent them messages like that as well! What a coincidence?!
Now, the Sheep stares at me sometimes during class. He doesn’t ever smile at me or talk to me. I still find his behaviour weird.

These are a few of the boys who send me mixed signals at the moment. Please share your stories and tips in the comments on how to handle these kind of guys! I would love to hear them!





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  1. ItsSimplyMeJasmine 9. July 2017 — 23:26

    Hahaha, awesome post! Although I have zero experiences with any of these😭

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  2. I don’t think there’s ever a point that boys don’t give mixed signals. I went through alllll my dating experiencing and getting a straight answer out of any boy I’ve been involved with is like getting blood from a stone. My conclusion? I think they’re all idiots … 👀😂 I joke but yeh seriously, the only way around boys mixed messages is to just be like “here *insert name*, what is the crack? Do you like me or do you not?” 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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