A fun weekend

Hello everybody!

Last weekend I visited my cousin in Berlin. I had been to the city once before but that was four years ago.
My cousin is the same age as me and we get along with each other very well!
It was so much fun to catch up with her and to just spend some time together.
We didn’t do the typical sightseeing, we just walked around the city and talked about everything from boys to school.



On Saturday we went to the IGA BERLIN (International Garden Exhibition). Should you be in Berlin some time, I would highly recommend you go there! There are so many cool garden layouts with different plants, ideas and things to see. I liked the Oriental Garden most!
Also, there are a lot of amazing photo opportunities! You can take pictures of the plants and flowers growing everywhere and of the buildings and gardens. I liked this mirror thing best. There were several mirror spikes arranged in a spiral design and everything looked different from every angle. I took loads of photos in there!


On Sunday my cousin and I went to a coffee shop called Coffee Fellows in another neighbourhood. We talked about the shop a few months ago and agreed to go there together.
The one we went to participates in this project called “Coworking Berlin – coffee place and office space.” On the ground floor of the building there are the cashier and a few seating opportunities. On the second floor there is the lounge area of the coffee shop and office rooms. You can rent an office there for one to three people or big conference rooms. How cool is that? You can get coffee and snacks downstairs and you work upstairs. There are several coffee shops in Berlin that offer this and I think this is great for a lot of people in the city!
After our little catch-up in Coffee Fellows my cousin and I walked around Berlin and stumbled across this cute ice-cream shop called California Pops. They make ice-cream and sorbets with organic ingredients. We bought a Cookies and Cream pop which was delicious! The consistency is something I have never tried before. The ice-cream was creamy and somehow solid, but definitely delicious!

Sadly, the weekend was over so quick and I had to head back home again. My cousin and I had so much fun together and I can’t wait to see her again!




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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to berlin! Seeing this makes me want to go even more! xxx

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  2. It seems like you had an amazing weekend 🙂

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