Quote Talk #6

Hello everybody!

Today I’m back with another Quote Talk post. I’m glad that so many of you love reading my thoughts on quotes that I pick out!
I found this one in a magazine not too long ago and absolutely loved it! It’s perfect for a Quote Talk post.

“Beauty is less and less about how a woman’s face looks, and more about the confidence she exudes.” – Margaret Zhang

I think Margaret Zhang is totally right!
If you are confident about your body and personality, people wil think you’re pretty in a whole new way. It’s not at all about your face, your body shape or your hair, it’s more about how you deal with it and how you show it in public.

I have experienced that myself this year. Until a few months ago I was not that confident about my body. I thought I was too skinny and I didn’t like my curly hair that much.
I used to wear clothes that kind of let me disappear in the crowd, I didn’t wear anything that let me stand out from others. One day I decided to stop that and I wore a blue dress with a denim jacket and leggings to school. The next day I wore a different, very comfortable figure hugging blue dress with white stripes in calf-length. Suddenly, people who I didn’t have that much contact with came over to me and told me they liked my outfit. People started noticing me because I dared to wear something that stood out from the crowd. However, it reflected my style and my personality.
Now I think my body shape is just right for me and I love my hair. I leave it open a lot and let my curls do what they want.
In general, I feel like I have left my little shell behind, body and mind-wise.
I have gained more confidence and I feel really good about myself.

Think about this quote. Do you hide yourself? Do you feel good about yourself and do you show it? Do you exude confidence? If so, good for you!
If not, change that!
Wear what you like, even if the thought scares you a bit. Do your hair the way you want it to be. Don’t hide your personality, put yourself out there and show them who you are!




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  1. ItsSimplyMeJasmine 1. July 2017 — 20:17

    I wish it was that easy for me! I think it gets to a point where I’ve hated how I look, my weight, even my personality for so long it sticks and therefore it makes it so difficult to get out of that hole! I wish I could, I’d be so happy if I could just be confident in myself for once in my life!

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