Freewriting experience

Hello everybody!

Yesterday in English class we had to do a freewriting exercise. The rules are pretty simple: you just write down whatever comes to your mind for five minutes without stopping. It can be about any topic you like! It can be about how much you hate doing this task or about the dream you had last night.
Also, you are not allowed to think before and during the exercise what you want to write about.
I thought this was such a fun thing to do and I want to share what I wrote with you!


We have to do a freewriting exercise now. It’s really confusing! I don’t know what to write down!
I always have to have a structure in what I write. A diary entry, something in my calendar, a letter or even a Whatsapp text 
(or a blog post haha!).
I can’t just write my thoughts down, I need a plan. What will I write? How much will I write down? How much time do I have left?
This stresses me out.
I can see everyone writing here in class and I wonder what they write about. Do they write down their dreams and passions? Does this guy over there even do his work? And what about that girl, what does she write this text about?
I can’t just stop thinking. I like to think about topics. I like to go through my ideas and I ponder about if they make sense, how and if I can implement them. Or I write to-do lists. There is NO LIMIT at all. You just write down the things you have to get done today and that’s it.
As I write this down, I’m beginning to realize that this exercise is fun and actually kind of easy. With every word I write down I get new ideas on what I could say. It’s like brainstorming, but easier. You don’t have to think about a certain topic all the time.

This freewriting exercise was so cool! At first, I was really confused and I had no idea if I could spend five minutes writing literally anything down. But with every sentence that came to my mind, I had a new idea on how to make my thoughts sound interesting. My goal was to write in a way so it doesn’t get boring to read my work.
My teacher said that this exercise is great for when you have writer’s block, because you distract your brain and you get new ideas while doing this. I definitely agree with that!

I think I will use this little life hack for these moments when I don’t know what I could blog about or when I don’t know how to finish a passage in a post.

Have you ever heard of “Freewriting”? If so, what are your experiences?



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  1. I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds cool!) I should definitely try it out)

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  2. Wow! I’ll totally have to try this! I think it’ll be really hard. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Gracie from

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  3. Ooo I so want to try this out! Thanks for sharing x

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  4. I have done something similar last year but we had to base the writing off a stimulus…
    Love this!!

    This is my blog:

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  5. I had to do that in school too!!! Thanks for sharing, xx

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