Quote Talk #5

Hello everybody!

Today I’m back with another post where I blog about my thoughts on a certain quote.
For this Quote Talk I chose this one:

‘Good friends aren’t determined on the length of time you’ve known them but the experiences you’ve shared.’ – Gemma Styles

I like this quote because it is so true. The amount of time you have known a person isn’t actually that important, it matters far more what the two of you have talked about, the things you have done together, the way you treat each other and so on.

I have friends whom I have known since 5th grade and we have spent a lot of time together at school and we have hung out regulary. We have grown together, we have had talks about everything from the weather to our future and we’re aware of the other person’s behaviour and character.

There are other friends (for example classmates) who I have never been really close with, we just see each other at school every day.
We have not done a lot outside of school, we only talk about school stuff that’s going on and that’s it.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t call them a friend, because they still belong to your group and you still like them!

Then, there are friends who I have not known for that long either, but we have been through a lot of stuff together. We have talked a lot, we have hung out a few times and I just know what they are like!
For example, I have a friend who just moved here a few months ago, but we get along with each other so well. We have had deep and funny conversations, we have been to each other’s homes, we have gone hiking and on a picnic together.
It doesn’t matter that we haven’t been friends for years. But only after a few months, she has become a great mate of mine! 

Also, it’s interesting to ponder about how you define knowing somebody. I feel like when you actually know your friends, you will know how they react in certain situations, what makes them happy, angry and sad. You know how they treat other people and what their personality is like.

All in all, I guess you could say that you shouldn’t define a good friend on the amount of time you have known each other. As Gemma Styles said, the experiences you have shared are important, they base on your friendship.



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  1. yes, I agree with this! I have friends at school that I just met last school year and we became more close than my friends before because of the fun experiences we had.

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  2. I totally agree! I became best friends with someone in a week. We just clicked and knew each other like we’d been friends forever! Nice post btw!

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