Picnic adventure

Hello everybody!

Remember when I uploaded my post Photoshoot in a canola field? I went there with a good friend of mine and this weekend we went on another adventure!
She is just as adventurous as I am and we always want to find new things that we could do in our hometown. These things should be cheap (or include no money at all), not too far away from our houses, fun and easy to do. We have already been hiking in the woods, taking photos in the canola field and gone shopping together.

I had only been to one picnic which was in 6th grade and back then I didn’t really plan or make the best out of the trip. This time, my friend and I planned everything and discussed on what to bring along days before the actual event.

Both of us each brought along some snacks that are perfect for picnics.
I prepared sandwiches with cheese and ham and at a local bakery I bought cheese rolls. Next, I filled a little lunch box with olives and tomatoes. As for drinks I went for coffee and water.
My friend cut melon and pear into small cubes, she put cheese buns and carrots into a box and at a supermarket she got coffee, water and rice crackers.
Don’t forget to bring utensils and plates if necessary!


Lifestyle bits and pieces:
My friend brought a really cute and colourful blanket for us to sit on. That way you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting dirty or anything. There are extra picnic blankets that you can buy which have a fabric side and an aluminium side.

I brought my Instax camera along (I have written a review on the camera here!) because I love taking polaroids. It’s a great way for me to remember the fun I had with my friends.

Bluetooth speakers are very useful for outdoor activities when you want to listen to music. We borrowed one from my friend’s brother which was so cool! It was very easy to use and to listen to songs with. Also, it had this snap hook which we clipped onto a bag. That way we could listen to music on the way back home!

If you go outside for a hike, a walk or a picnic be sure to bring along plasters!
These come in handy when you trip, have a blister or a cut.

As it was very hot outside, my friend was really smart and brought two coldpacks along. When we arrived at our picnic spot we were both sweating, so these were very good to cool down!


When you spill something or want to put your litter into something, wet or dry wipes are perfect for the situation! During our picnic several spiders or other insects crawled onto the blanket and as we didn’t want to touch them directly we just used dry wipes to chase them away.


For the picnic I wore my favourite Blue Fire&Co. jeans, a blue T-shirt, a choker and some old trainers. Dresses or skirts just aren’t that great for hiking or for walking a long distance.

On the picnic day the sun was shining and it was like 24° C outside which was so nice!
I wore my sunglasses I purchased during Spring Break.
My friend and I walked to a wheat field that is just next to the canola field we had taken photos in. Next to it there is a meadow where three horses grazed, so we had company!
Between the fields and the meadow there are a lot of trees, so we placed the blanket there, half in the sun and half in the shadow. We talked about everything under the sun (literally, haha!) Before we left, we shared the rest of the carrots with one of the horses on the meadow.
Also, we took some photos of each other in the wheat field and on the way but again, I’m only going to share the ones from me and that show me from the back.
All in all I had so much fun at the picnic and I really want to do this more often!

Hi there!


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  1. wow i love the way you create your content) so cute! where is your backpack from?!

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  2. Love your yellow instax camera 🙂 the pictures are so beautiful! Great post, xx

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  3. * sorry! I posted the comment before I was finished 😂* anyways… I have thought about getting a Polaroid for awhile now but I just don’t like the idea of not being able to see my picture before it comes out… would you recommend getting a Polaroid, or like a Fuji film Insta iPhone printer so that you could take the pictures on your iPhone, and see what they’re like before they’re printed?

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    • Hey Maddy! I was thinking about getting one of these printers too, but I decided to buy the Instax polaroid camera instead! I love having the photos in my hands and not just on a phone screen. Plus, while you take the photos you really think about if and how you want to take the picture. I think it’s really cool that a printer can print pictures from your iPhone on an actual polaroid, but if I had to choose between the two today, I’d get the camera. The design and idea is just so cute! Of course the camera has it’s pros and cons but still I absolutely love it! Hope that helps! xx

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  4. Hey! I have thought about getting a i

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