My bucket list

Hello everbody!

A few weeks ago Hannah from a Sassy Girl’s journey uploaded a post called ”101 things on my bucket list” on her blog and I loved the idea of writing a bucket list myself.
When I scrolled through Indi’s blog I found a post called ”Before I die, I want to…”  and I really liked it!
I used to say ”Oh, that’s an amazing idea, I will put it on my bucket list” but I never wrote that idea down or memorized it. So I thought writing my bucket list down here on my blog would be the perfect idea to always keep it with me!

(I have divided this post up into two categories: things I want to do in life and things I have already crossed off of my bucket list.)

My current bucket list:

  1. Go on a roadtrip in a really cute VW van
  2. Find the love of my life
  3. Buy my own Canon camera
  4. Get married
  5. Have a cat as a pet
  6. Get a small permanent tattoo
  7. Write a book
  8. Get a job that I love
  9. Go to a meet-and-greet of a band
  10. Do a life-coaching-session
  11. Go to Coachella
  12. Go to BeautyCon
  13. Meet a YouTuber
  14. Meet blogging friends from WordPress in real life
  15. Go to a band’s concert
  16. Have pizza and pasta in Italy
  17. Travel to the USA
  18. Have an iMac at home
  19. Have Netflix
  20. Have Spotify Premium
  21. Have an internet friend
  22. Dance in the rain
  23. Have my own house or flat
  24. Travel in First Class
  25. Stay at a cool hotel
  26. Go to Walmart, Target and Michaels
  27. Scream at somebody who I’m mad at
  28. Get into good shape
  29. Interview somebody
  30. Visit the Atomium in Brussels
  31. Go to a fashion show
  32. Have my own car
  33. Stay at a treehouse hotel
  34. Get a Johanna Basford colouring book and finish it
  35. Have a bullet journal

Things I have crossed off of my bucket list:

1. Live abroad
2. Visit the Great Wall of China
3. Go to a Cimorelli concert
4. Go on a hike with friends
5. Have a picnic
6. Travel to Brighton
7. Take photos in a canola field
8. Get a Henna Tattoo
9. Go laser tagging
10. Drink coffee with latte art on it
11. Have a British Afternoon Tea with scones, sandwiches and tea with milk
12. Get one of these drinking jars



Add yours →

  1. Great list and here’s to hoping you check them all off! Please feel free to check out our account and site at

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  2. Great list. Pizza in Italy sounds great, but I also love the simply things like dancing in the rain. You seem to have a good handle on crossing things off your bucket list, good job. I just posted a short bucket list of my own: Family Travel Bucket List

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  3. Love your bucket list!! I hope you get to do everything that you want 🙂

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  4. Kaylina Velez 14. May 2017 — 8:50

    This is such a cute little bucket list! Loving your blog so much! Xo

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  5. I have a Johanna Basford book, and it took me soooo long to complete one picure😂 I love reading these kind of posts!

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  6. It’s such a cute list! Wish you one day you reach every single of your goals! xx

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  7. This is such an awesome list! I love how you added things you’ve already completed, so cool ☺

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  8. Awww I’m so glad that my post inspired you to write this! So sweet!

    This is such a great list, I really want to go to Coachella as well!

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  9. Writing a book and having Spotify premium is definitely on my list too! lol I hate not being able to skip or choose which song to play on the free version. It would be really cool to meet a bunch of bloggers✨ good luck with your whole list, you’re off to a great start by the looks of what you already have crossed off

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