The Blue Sky Tag – Bea Freitas

Hello everybody!

A few days ago I read Bea’s great post on the ‘Blue Sky Tag’ and I liked her questions so much that I really want to answer them today with this post.
Bea has blogged here for a few months and she is just lovely! I love how she always interacts with her readers and how she makes the blogging community more positive and happy!

Note: I have not been nominated for this tag but I really want to answer Bea’s questions because I found them amazing! 

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Here are the rules:

  • Give 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you

Bea’s questions:

  1. Can you describe your ideal home?
    My ideal home would be in a city that isn’t too big but not too small at the same time. There should be some shopping opportunities, some sights and nature.
    I went to Brighton a month ago and I absolutely loved the city! You have the sea, the pier, some great stores and sights like the Royal Pavillion or the i360.
    Plus, British people are so nice, if I could move to Brighton, I would definitely do it!
  2. What were some of your favorite childhood TV programs?
    I loved watching The Wiggles when I was about four years old. They are an Australian group of four men who sing songs for kids and they also produced a TV programme. The songs are full of joy and happiness but they also include educational phrases.
  3. Do you have any special talents?
    I can raise my eyebrows individually. I freak out a lot of people when I do that because most human beings can only raise both eyebrows at the same time. 
    Also, it looks kind of scary, but still that’s a special talent of mine!
  4. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play sports now?
    When I was a child I was really good at swimming. I also loved playing tennis, but now I don’t get to do both of these sports because I don’t have any opportunities to do them here in my hometown.
    Now I go for  a walk around my neigbourhood about 2-3 times a week. I will listen to some dramatic music and think about deep things in life or what I could blog about.
    When I feel like it I will go for a run, again around my neighbourhood. Mostly I do this when I’m mad at someone or at something annoying that happened to me at school. After I have done a run I feel much better. It feels like I have run away from my problems and leave the negative vibes behind.
  5. What is a daily life routine for you?
    Something I do every day is writing into my Q&A book, my ‘One Sentence A Day’ book from KIkki.K and into my ‘Thankful Journal’. I usually do this in the evening when I reflect about how my day went and I think about the plans I have for the next day.
  6. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to have things planned out?
    Most of the time I prefer to have things all planned and organized. Usually I’m the one of my friendship group who gets everyone together and organizes the whole event. There is so much to plan! At whose house are we going to be? Who brings some snacks? What are we going to do? Are we going to go outside?
  7. What did you find most difficult about school?
    I found it challenging to stay true to myself and at the same time to get along with everybody in my grade.
    I think it’s not easy to tell people politely that you don’t want to acquire their lifestyle and you have to learn to stand up to your opinion.
  8. Have you ever gotten a hair color or hair cut that you absolutely hated?
    I have never dyed my hair but I have definitely had a bad hair cut before!
    That was a few years ago where I told the hair dresser to only cut my hair ends, not more. He ended up cutting half of my hair’s length off and I was so mad at him afterwards! Since then I always make sure to explain to the hairdresser how much I really want to have cut off.
  9. Do you have a favorite candy?
    I love Milka chocolate which is delicious! There are so many different variations of their chocolate bars, for example ones with cookies, special flavours and designs.
    My favourite Milka chocolate bar is one with Daim pieces inside, so good!
  10. Winter or summer?
    Winter. I don’t like summer that much because you literally sweat yourself to death every time you go outside! For some reason I love snow, wearing scarves, breathing in the cold air…
    My favourite seasons are autumn and spring. Both seasons aren’t too cold or too hot and the nature is beautiful!
  11. What is one materialistic item you cannot live without?
    My camera. It’s a small Canon and I absolutely love it! It has all sorts of settings and I don’t even know or understand all the things I can do with this camera.
    I take it almost everywhere with me because then I can always take photos for my blog or just for myself. 




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  2. lifeisaseasyas 6. May 2017 — 7:16

    I’ve nominated you for the Freinds For Days tag!

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  3. What a really lovely post! It has brightened up my morning here on the other side of the world.

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  4. My camera is super precious to me too! I just feel incomplete without it!
    love, elena

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  5. I would love to live in Brighton! I’ve been there once about 8 years ago and I loved it so so much! I loved your answers, so cool you did this tag! Xx

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  6. Yay! I’m so glad that you did it, I really love your answers and I prefer to have plans all planned out. I’m really not the kind of person that can just go out for a night randomly without knowing before hand! Thanks for doing this, I’m so glad you did. Have a great day! 😀

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