Photoshoot in a canola field

Hello everybody!

In Spring the canola fields in Germany bloom in this really pretty yellow colour and I have always dreamed of taking photos in one.
My friend and I had this conversation about photography a while ago and then we agreed to go to a canola field nearby when it bloomed. Today was the day and I’m so happy we did this!

We walked about 20 minutes to the field which was alright, I mean, we were outside taking in the fresh air and we had so much fun!
We played around with the lighting and different poses and every time we changed something we discovered a new way to take photos of the canola field.

Note: Of course my friend and I took photos of each other and some together but because of anonymous reasons I will only post pictures of myself and not of my face. 








Have you ever taken photos in a field?




Add yours →

  1. Great photography!

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  2. The photos are stunning, definitely a fan now!

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  3. Hello! I nominated you for the mystery blogger award! Check out my post for details!

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  4. I have taken pictures in a field, but of the field not me in the field. I really like the 4th one!

    Love, Fenna!!

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  5. What lovely photos! And your hair is awesome!
    love, elena

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  6. Natalie Vinh 1. May 2017 — 5:10

    Gorgeous field! I especially like the second and fourth pictures, so artsy! There’s a new neighborhood in my town that’s right next to this sunflower field. In the summer my friends and I like to walk down there and take pictures with all the blooming flowers!

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  7. jordyndallastaylor 1. May 2017 — 2:22

    So beautiful! and great photography!

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  8. Great pictures. Love your posts!!!

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  9. Great pictures!

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  10. Looks so pretty!! I always wanted to do this!

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  11. Always wanted to do this! I love these, especially the 4th photo. Beautiful! X

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