Quote Talk #4

Hello everybody!

The quote I’m blogging about today means a lot to me and I love it so much.

‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ – Sheryl Sandberg

My friend shared this quote with me a few days ago. She knows that I easily stress out about little things sometimes and that I get scared of solving these ‘problems’.
I put problems in quotation marks because these aren’t real problems, usually these are things I feel like I can’t achieve or situations where I think I won’t be succeeding in them (for example tests, exams or presentations).
I thought that it was so nice of her to remind me that I don’t have to be afraid or anxious about stuff that isn’t that bad.

This quote got me thinking a lot about fear and specifically fear about our lives.
We have to remind ourselves that fear isn’t the main thing in life. We should see every single one of these spooky situations in a positive way. With each experience we have in life we learn something new and it’s unnessesary to stress out about things.
That sounds easy to do, but it’s actually hard to accomplish.

I try to think of this quote whenever I’m scared or anxious about class tests, conversations with specific people or special events. We have to see these things as an opportunity to challenge ourselves. We’re not going to die because of something so little.

Also, Sheryl Sandberg’s words got me thinking about how we approach the things we are scared of. If we cry about it all day it won’t be going okay and we will feel insecure in the situation.
If we say to ourselves ‘YES YOU CAN DO IT’ we will feel a little bit more confident and we will succeed. I like to watch motivational and inspirational speeches by Christina Cimorelli before I tackle the spooky event. She is full of confidence, energy and inspiration and I feel like I can do anything after I have heard one of her speeches.





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  1. lifeisaseasyas 6. May 2017 — 6:58

    Amazing post! So true, I can definitely agree with what you’ve said! X

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  2. Great quote! This hits home with me because recently I have decided to stop living in fear! It wasn’t fear in the sense that someone is going to attack me at any moment a kill me lol it was just a fear of fully living life. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough, I would fail, etc. When I threw that out of the window I have started accomplishing small goals! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love this quote!! Thanks for sharing, x

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