Brighton 2017

Hello everybody!

About two weeks ago I went on a classtrip to Brighton with about 35 students from my grade, among them some of my closest friends. I had so much fun there and I really want to blog about my adventures in the city.
I had never been to Brighton or to England before and so I was really excited to finally go there! The best thing about the whole trip though was that the majority of my friendship group was with me and so I could talk to them, take pictures with them, laugh…

First we drove to Calais (France) by bus and there we took the ferry to Dover (England). You get off the bus and you sit inside and enjoy the ride. Our ride was quite shaky so I can’t say that it was fun… If you aren’t the best with shakiness I would take the bus train.

Our class had to get into groups of 2-4 people so that we could be sorted into host families in Brighton. My friend and I ended up with the nicest host family of all. The house and our room were so cozy and I immediately felt comfortable and at home. We even had two ‘host dogs’ called Chunks and Frankie, such cute names!

Host dog Frankie

After we had freshened up again my friend and I went to the beach of Brighton. I really liked the beach because instead of normal sand it had pebbles everywhere! The pier is nice too but we didn’t go inside to play some games.
Then we went downtown to explore the city and to go shopping. There are some amazing shops like Home Sense, Superdrug, Boots, Topshop, Bershka, Pull&Bear and Urban Outfitters. My friend and I were so happy because of all of the things we found and we bought some donuts at Krispy Kreme to take a break. My friend went for a Strawberry Creme donut, I picked one with a chocolate filling and we shared a Salted Caramel Cheesecake donut. Delicious!


Then we met the rest of our group and went to the i360. This is a viewing platform in Brighton and on clear days you have a great view of the city and the sea. Sadly the sky was grey that day and the photos didn’t turn out that good. But still it was fun to see everything from above and to hang out with my friends at the same time.

The next day was quite relaxed as it was a Sunday.
First our group took a tour through the Royal Pavillion which was so pretty! You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside which is a bummer. The outside of the palace looks Indian but the design inside is Chinese. Both looked beautiful and it was interesting to hear about the Pavillion’s history.
After that we went to the Greyhound Stadium in Hove and watched two dog races. I had never been to a dog race and it was so funny to see the dogs running so fast! They chase after a fake rabbit prepared with a nice smell so that they are eager to catch it.
There are types of races with a different number of laps or dogs running.
Afternoon Tea is a very typical thing in England and so our teachers organized one at the Mock Turtle in Brighton. The café is so cute! If you should ever be in Brighton I would highly recommend you go there! We got to eat scones with cream and jam which was really good and we had tea with milk. I have never even thought about putting milk into tea before so I tried it and I actually liked it.


On Monday of that week it was finally time to go to London! It takes about two hours to get there from Brighton.
We went inside the Natural History Museum and walked around the exhibition rooms. Our host family said that it would take a few days to see everything in the museum and first I thought they were joking. But they were right, there are so many things to see and we saw only a small part of the whole building.
Afterward our class was allowed to walk around London in small groups and my friends and I explored the city together. We agreed to go shopping and went to Oxford Street which was a really good idea! There are so many stores and they were exactly the ones I wanted to go into. I bought a bracelet set and a book at Urban Outfitters, Zoella Beauty products and a keychain and a magnet as souvenirs. After a long day of shopping we drove back to Brighton.

The day after that our group went to a college in the next town to Brighton and there is a partner school of ours. Every single one of us had an exchange student for a day and we were allowed to go to their classes with them. It was fun to see what a British school is like and how different it is from our school. For example English students wear school uniforms – in Germany we don’t.
Back downtown my friends and I went around the city exploring and going shopping. I got a blue hoodie, a phone case and another keychain and magnet as souvenirs.
After shopping the class went to a bowling alley and we went bowling. That was fun!
In the evening I went to a burger shop called Smashburger with my friendship group. They make some amazing burgers, salads and fries there and the food was delicious!

Big Ben

On Wednesday our group went to London again and we went onto the London Eye which was really exciting!
The view of the city from the ferris wheel is amazing but sadly it was cloudy and it had rained before so we couldn’t see that much.
Then we were allowed to walk around the city alone and my friends and I went to the Buckingham Palace, the Parliament and through a park.
I have also written a post about the assassination that day here because I wanted to blog about my experience and thoughts about it.

Then it was the 23rd of March which is my birthday but sadly our last day in Brighton.

My host family got me a birthday cake which was so sweet and nice of them! I didn’t expect that at all and I was so touched.
Our class started our day with a game of Laser Tag. I had never played Laser Tag before and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit scared at first! I thought that if you got ‘shot’ it would hurt but it doesn’t because it’s just Laser. You get a vest and a ‘gun’ and you have to ‘shoot’ the other people in your group. It was so much fun and I would so do it again!
My friend (whom I shared the room of our host family with) and I were a little late at the Laser Tag place in Brighton and so the rest of our friendship group was already playing and we had to play with the second group. Once they had finished all of my friends came running out of the gaming hall and hugged and congratulated me for my birthday!
After playing Laser Tag our class had a farewell lunch at an Italian place called Donatello’s. I sat at a table with my friends and we talked about anything under the sun.
In the afternoon I went to Prêt â manger with one of my best friends. He gave me a voucher for the coffee shop for my birthday and we got some coffee and sandwhiches there. Then it was time to say goodbye to Brighton!

This time we went back to Germany with a bus train. The bus driver parks the bus in a compartment inside the train for busses and cars and you just stay inside the bus until the train arrives. That was more pleasant than the ferry ride and less shaky.

All in all I really enjoyed our stay in Brighton. The city is so cute and filled with lots of shops, restaurants and the beach with the pier is amazing. I will definitely come back some day because I loved the city so much!






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  1. Brighton is one of my favourites and would love to wander around it soon! ❤ Love this post x

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  2. I have the same white converse! Your photography is awesome. ❤
    I recently visited the U.K. and loved London –Brighton is definitely next on the list!

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  3. This sounds like such a fun trip! I’ve always been jealous that Europe is so close together that you can take trips to other countries. I live on a literal island :/

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  4. It sounds like you had great fun!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It sounds like the best trip ever! It’s so sweet your host family thought of your birthday! I have always wanted to go laser tagging, but i have no idea where i could do that 😦 I’m going to Bath (also in England) next year and I can’t wait!


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  6. This looks like such a cool trip! I love posts like this 😉 ❤ xx

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