Quote Talk #3

Hello everybody!

I really enjoy writing about a quote that I like at the moment and I want to continue doing this here on my blog, kind of like a mini-series.

Today I want to blog about this quote which means a lot to me and it’s this one by Eleanor Roosevelt:

‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

When I first heard about this quote I thought it was stupid.
You can’t do something scary EVERY DAY. And also I thought that it’s wrong to stress yourself about little things every day.

After a few weeks I realized that this quote is so true. 

For example, a few weeks ago I texted my crush for the first time. I was so scared that the conversation wouldn’t go right, that I would say stupid things or that he wouldn’t reply to my texts. In the end we had a great conversation and everything worked out.
Of course I was tense and excited but afterwards I felt so good because I did something that scared me. In fact I survived and I grew more confident from this experience.

We have to do things that scare us, because it’s good for us. It scares us to do certain things but we learn from these situations and understand how to handle them.
If we always back off of situations, things or people we are scared of, we are never going to experience new, exciting and happy things!

Even if the scary thing you do today is small, you challenge yourself and you did something to face your fears.

Have you faced any of your fears in the last couple of weeks? 


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  1. Nice post! I think you’re right, overcoming our fears is what brings us forward!
    love, elena


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