How to survive the weeks till Spring Break

Hello everybody!

In the last couple of weeks before Spring Break everybody drowns in work, tests, homework and assignments. This time is packed with stress and it’s good to know how to survive till all of the exams are over and it’s time for 2 weeks of relaxation.

I feel like every single teacher at school doesn’t even think about tests and class projects at the beginning of the year. But then around February and March in every single subject you get told that a test is going to be taken next week and new projects or assignments need to be worked on.

Every time that happens I ask myself: ‘Why do we get all this work at the same time? How are we supposed to do that?!’

So I thought of some ways how to keep up with everything and how to stay calm during this period of time.

Make a list of what needs to be done

I can function on school and blog work so much better when I have made a plan of everything that needs to be done. This could be a daily to-do list, a schedule for the month or just a quick calendar entry.
That way you get an overview of what you will have to deal with in the next couple of days and weeks.

I usually structure my schedule into these categories: a monthly to-do list, tests that I’m taking this month, school projects I have to work on this month, an overview of the month and some quotes that help me to get motivated.

‘Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen.’

Seeing all of the boring work stuff you are overwhelmed with can be tiring and sad sometimes. I think it’s a good way to just get started with your work.

Get organized

I can’t work at a desk that is full of unnecessary clutter and loads of papers. My desk area is the only thing in my room that is always tidy, organized and cleaned up.

About two years ago I watched a really inspiring YouTube video about cleaning and organizing your desk. After watching that video I tidied up my desk and it felt so good having everything nice and neat.
In the video you were told to only put the things on the table which you use every time you sit and work there. Decorative items are optional but there shouldn’t be loads of them on your desk.
It was quite hard for me to implement that in the beginning but now I have managed to have it exactly the way I want it to be.
On my desk there are some organizers for pens, pencils, washi tape and other stationary stuff and a file organizer from IKEA. Then of course there is my laptop which I couldn’t live without and a little frame with a polaroid picture of my friend and I.
I couldn’t resist putting one or two decorative items on top of my desk but they are at places where they don’t disturb me or get in my way while I’m working.

Think positively

When you are taking a test or giving a presentation or anything like that, it is very important that you think about this event positively. I know that’s hard and it’s something I struggle with too.
If you take an exam and think negatively about it it will be much more stressful. I have thought of some things to repeat in your head when you feel like you won’t pass this one test:

‘You just have to do the best you can.’
‘Your whole life doesn’t depend on this exam.’
‘This is your chance to show them what you know.’
‘Everything will be okay and everything will work out in the end.’

‘Work hard, party even harder.’

After taking a test it is good to take a break and to really enjoy these few moments of freedom before the next essay waits for you.

I like to ‘celebrate’ this event with some activities that make me happy and cheer me up. That could be something like meeting my friends or treating myself to something I enjoy, for example reading a book or taking a relaxing bath.




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  1. I love organization. Are you a list maker, paper planner girl?

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  2. thesewildsouls 4. April 2017 — 17:45

    just two more weeks for me! thank you so much for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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