Assassination in London

Hello everybody!

I was on a class trip last week and my class and I went to Brighton. A blog post about that is coming up soon.
Today I want to blog about a specific experience that we had in London.

On Wednesday we went to London by bus. It was Wednesday, the 22nd of March.
Anyway, so everyone was excited to go shopping and to see some of the famous sights.

First, the class went to the Shakespare Globe Theatre and to the London Eye. Both activities were so much fun and it was nice to see them in real life and not just on Google images. After the sightseeing we had free time to go shopping and to explore the city.

I went with 5 of my friends. We really wanted to see the famous Buckingham Palace and take pictures of it.

We walked past the British parliament and then went through a park to get to the palace.
We were laughing and goofing around on the way and we just had a good time.
As we arrived at the Queen’s residence we took a lot of photos and gushed at the Bobby’s standing in front of the palace.

All of a sudden a lot of police cars and even some fire trucks and ambulances drove around. The sirens were loud and I thought that the Queen was leaving the palace or something. But she didn’t.
Then I noticed that some tourists around us were looking really shocked and some of them were even crying. I was a bit confused but I didn’t think anything of it….yet

Suddenly my friend checked her mobile, gasped and whispered: ‘Oh no!!!’ The rest of my friends and I were like ‘WHAT IS IT’ and she told us.
Her boyfriend texted her in that moment and told her that there had been an assassination at the British parliament and he asked if we were okay.

At first I didn’t believe her. I thought that he just made a joke or something.
My friends and I got nervous and a bit scared and we started searching the web for more information.
Five minutes later we discovered that there really had been an assassination. In London. At the parliament. And we were just about 250 meters away from that building.

There was a man who had driven across Westminster Bridge and directed his car straight into a group of people on the sidewalk. Then he jumped out of the car and ran into the Parliament’s premises and attacked a guard with a knife.
Some people had heard gunshots and an explosion at the building. About 40 people were hurt and 4 people died.

We were shocked. About 10 minutes earlier my friends and I had been standing in front of the British parliament and about 20 minutes earlier we had crossed the exact same bridge!
That meant that we could have heard the gunshots or we could have seen the man entering the building.
Or actually, we could have theoretically been killed or injured.

After a few minutes of checking the Google news I started to panic.
I was trembling a little bit and suddenly the only thing that mattered was to get somewhere safe and my friends looked scared too.
Because the shocking thing at that time was that nobody knew if there was more than one perpetrator and was he possibly even still around.

We called our parents, the two teachers who were with us in London and some of our friends. They were all okay but still we wanted to make sure that they weren’t in danger and we needed to tell them that we were safe.
Our teacher told us to go back to the bus that had brought us to London and we did that. My friends and I hurried because on the news it said that some underground stations were being closed and that there were several perpetrators. We took a huge detour to reach our final destination avoiding the Westminster underground station.

It was interesting to see how differently my classmates and friends reacted to the assassination. Some of them were close to crying and some of them were really relaxed about the situation.
I was able to brace myself, trying to figure out what to do next.

As I’m typing this I am still shocked. I don’t want to get into all of the ‘how could someone do this’ stuff but still I want to talk about it.
I was so scared that we were going to die. I was scared that we were going to get hold at gunpoint. I was scared that my friends were going to be hurt.

I’m so thankful that nothing happend to us and that we didn’t see any part of the attack itself.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families and a part of that I am really glad that nobody of our group was directly involved.


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