Quote Talk #2

Hello everybody!

Today I want to blog about some excerpts from the song ‘Renegade’ by my favourite girl band Cimorelli. Definitely check them out after reading this post because their music and their covers are just the best thing ever!

  • ‘Yeah I’m a small town girl, they try to change me, you hear that that’s my drummer, I got my own beat.’
  • ‘They try to change me, they try to make me, break me, that just ain’t me, you’re not gonna phase me, this renegade’s not changing, no!’

There are some people in this world who think that they can push you down and be mean to you. They might not be evil right to your face but maybe it’s the way they talk to you, how they act around you or how they treat you.

For example, I had this ‘friendship’ a few months ago. I met this girl through distant friends and at first I thought that we were getting along with each other really well and that she was really nice. I went to her house a few times and we had fun hanging out with each other.

But after a few weeks I noticed how fake she was. She tried to change me, she tried to make me like certain things or people and the way she treated me was just mean. That’s no true and good friendship for me personally and I decided to let the friendship go and I moved on.

I’m glad that I saw that side of her quite quickly and I definitely learned something from that ‘friendship’. It’s so important in such situations to stay yourself and to not let other people rule your life. You have to remember yourself that this is your way to handle this problem and the withcoming pain, your decisions what to like or dislike and most importantly that this is your life. You should give everything to not let these people bring you down. If you realize that someone is not treating you the way you expect them to and is mean to you: get rid of them and move on!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should do everything because you want to do it. As said in the song, everybody has their own beat and you decide how to play your drum.

What are your thoughts of the quote? Have you ever experienced something similar to my story?




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  1. That’s really an amazing quote! You said well, that we need to stay tru to ourselves. If we change, then only because we want to, and because other people make you!
    love, elena



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