Living that healthy lifestyle

Hello everybody!

In the last couple of weeks I have been living a quite healthy lifestyle and with this blog post I want to remind myself to continue living like that.


I’m not going to lie but I have always hated doing sports. It didn’t matter if it was at school or with friends but I didn’t like it at all. In the last couple of weeks I realized that I was very unathletic and it kind of bothered me. I don’t want to be super fast at running or something but being in good shape would be nice…

I thought about my options. I didn’t really want to go to a local gym because a lot of people from my grade are there too. After a few moments of thinking I had the perfect idea! Going on walks and going for quick runs outside my neighbourhood is my ‘workout’ now. I love listening to some tunes which make me mad or just fast music in general and run to the beat of the song. Running makes me feel so much better! It feels like you are running away from your problems. I love that feeling and whenever I’m angry, sad or feeling anxious about something I’ll go running. After working out I feel better right away.

For me personally the most important thing of doing sports is having cute work out clothes… I guess I get more motivated when I wear them rather than wearing my old jogging pants.

My FitBit

I got a FitBit fitness tracker for Christmas last year and that has helped me so much more with my fitness over the last two months.

So basically a FitBit tracks how many steps and staircases you take, how well your sleep was over night and some trackers even measure your heartbeat. The fitness tracker helps you with your workout and motivates you to take steps and more. You download the app and there you can set yourself goals. For example how many hours of sleep you want to get every night, how often you want to work out and how many steps you want to take.

I’ve got the FitBit Charge HR 2 and I absolutely love it! It has helped me so much with my ‘workouts’ and I can always check on the app if I have reached my goals yet.

Another thing that I love about the FitBit is that you can change the bracelet of the fitness tracker. I had a black rubber bracelet before and I didn’t quite like it so I bought myself one that looks like it’s from an actual wrist watch. The best thing about my new bracelet is that the colour is roségold.


I have tried to eat a bit more healthy but I can’t say that it has worked really well so far…

Instead of having sweets as an afternoon snack I go for an apple or a banana. Okay, I add some honey or Nutella to it but still the main part of the meal is healthy, right?? Another snack that I have discovered a few weeks ago is vanilla jogurt with Berry Crunch muesli, raspberries and honey. I love having that as lunch when I’ve got school till 3 pm.

Drinking more water has been a huge change for me in the last couple of months. I try to drink 1,5-2l water every day. My skin has gotten so much better and I feel a lot more awake and motivated. Counting the glasses of water I drank every day was quite hard for me. I used to forget to write that number down somewhere. The FitBit app has helped me a lot with that. Basically you just set yourself a goal how much water you want to drink every day and enter the amounts of water into the app.

I hope that my healthy lifestyle will stay like this for a while because I feel so much more better living like this than before.



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  1. I must congratulate you on your efforts to live healthy. You’re doing a good job so far.

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