What my internship taught me

Hello everybody!

First of all sorry that there wasn’t a blog post in the last few weeks but I have been very busy because of my internship…

A few months ago my school told my grade to get an internship at a company or shop of our choice. We were supposed to work there for two weeks in January. I picked a company that works with flavors and scents which is the biggest company around my area… I have learned a lot in these two weeks and I really want to share my experiences with you.

Enjoy reading!

  • If you have a question, ASK

I used to be so shy and I used to keep quiet whenever I did not understand something for example at school or when people told me to do something. Later on I would find myself not knowing what to do or what to say. That is embarrassing and akward.

At the internship I learned that it’s always better to ask immediately. Nobody is annoyed or angry when you ask a question! My colleagues were very happy that I showed so much interest in what they were doing and they helped me every time I didn’t know how to do something. Having a question just shows that you want to learn and that you are interested. Asking is not a bad thing.

  • Take your time and double check

I thought that being really quick with doing a task is much better than being too slow but now I know that’s not always true. During the internship I had to do some things to help the department and sometimes I just worked too quickly and didn’t complete the task as neatly as I wanted to.

After finishing the job I realized that I hadn’t double checked my work and afterwards that I had made a few mistakes in a PowerPoint presentation. So my advice would be to take your time and to always double check what you just did.

  • Be openminded and sure of yourself

A few days before my internship started I got very nervous and was scared. When I came home after the first day of work I realized that the whole worrying process was completely unnecessary. Nobody is going to laugh at you because of the way your outfit looks, the way you do your work or anything like that. Everybody is just happy that you help them with their work for a few days and that’s it!

Getting excited for new things to learn and see feels so much better than worrying about awkward situations that are not going to happen. Being sure of yourself is hard, I know. But I noticed that when I went to work being openminded and confident I would do so much better there than being in a bad mood and scared.

I feel like the two weeks of the internship have already changed me a lot. I have always known these things but I never realized how good it feels to actually act and be that way.



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