Quote Talk #1

Hello everybody!

I have started a new corner on my blog where I will upload posts about quotes every month. I will pick a quote which I have been thinking about a lot or which I really like at the moment.

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite quotes by Madeleine Thien. It is an excerpt of one of her bestselling books called ‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing’. I haven’t actually read the book yet but I saw this quote on Snapchat and I started thinking about it immediately.

‘I like to think of home as a verb, something we keep recreating.’ -Madeleine Thien 


My interpretation of the excerpt is that a home doesn’t stay in the same place forever. A home can be in a different country and also in different areas of a city. I can really relate to that statement. I have lived in three different countries with my parents and even there we have moved a lot of times. For me the recreating part is in the moving and getting adjusted to a new area. Every time we moved we had to reorganize our plans and create a new home. Just because we have lived in a different town from the one we are originally from does not mean that it wasn’t a home. Now that I am living in Germany I still haven’t forgotten about the other countries and homes that I’ve had and that will always be a huge part of my life.

Also I think that you can recreate a home in a lot of ways other than moving. For example when you redecorate your room or your entire apartement. You changed it and by doing that you have recreated a part of your home.



But the more important question is: What makes a home personal? How do we keep making our home special and individual?

My mom had a really good suggestion to this thought. We were talking about what we think what makes our rooms unique and then she asked me a very interesting question. ‘Would you swap rooms with one of your friends? You wouldn’t be allowed to change anything but just think about it. Would you do that?’ My answer to that was ‘no’ right away.

I think that a home is something everybody has to design and customize for themselves. I couldn’t ask somebody to decorate my room for me. I couldn’t live in a room of a friend because it’s not my room. Everybody has something which they have to have in their room otherwise it’s not a part of their home. If I didn’t have certain things in my room it wouldn’t be my home and it wouldn’t be a place where I would feel comfortable.

I can’t really explain it. Is it the fairy lights everywhere or is it the photos hanging on the walls? Or is it furniture that I have picked? Or is it the items where I am the only person who knows the story behind it?

Another great example for that are hotel rooms. I have stayed at quite a few hotels and upon entering the hotel room I could sense how I would like staying there. There are some rooms where you feel like home immediately and there are others where you’re like: ‘This will do for a couple of days…’

All in all you can say that homes are found everywhere. Everybody has their own style in how they decorate or how they like their room in general.

What are your thoughts of the quote? What do you think are the items that make your room unique?


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