My resolutions and goals for 2017

Hello everybody!

I haven’t really talked to anyone about my resolutions for this year so far and I feel like my resolutions and goals for 2017 are very deep so I really want to share them with you.

Enjoy reading!


I have been a little lazy about school work in the last couple of months and I really want to change that. I want to raise my hand more, do my homework on the day I get it and I want to prepare for a lesson a day before the actual class. Another thing that didn’t go quite well last year is that I’ve started to study too late before a test. That way I was constantely under stress and I couldn’t get so much information into my head one day before a test.

Also I want to work more on this blog and have a routine when it comes to posting stuff I wrote. My number one thing which I want to change here is to finally go completely online!


In 2016 I haven’t been very positive about myself and I thought very negatively about myself which is a terrible thing. In the last couple of days I have filled my brain with positive quotes, inspirational talks and ‘happy’ music. I got a book called ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ for Christmas and it’s filled with a lot of uplifting quotes. I want to start reading one quote in the morning to begin my day in a positive way.

Also I have been more open minded and I have been thinking more optimistically. Looking at life that way has made me so much happier than before and I feel that it does my mental health well.

‘Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.’ -Colette


This year I want to focus more on making wiser decisions. Last year I often said ‘yes’ to things I didn’t actually want to do. I often agreed to things too quickly and then I would find myself regretting that I had made that choice. Sometimes I didn’t say ‘no’ clearly enough and I was dragged to do things which I didn’t like doing. That is another aspect I would like to work on, on thinking wisely about the saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ part.

Some people laughed when I said ‘no’ and then just shrugged it off. I don’t want to be forced into doing certain things anymore and I want these people to understand that I make my own choices and it’s none of their responsibility to decide for me because this is still my life!


Trying new food, going places I have never been to before, getting to know people better, doing things I have never done before… these are situations I want to be in in 2017. I would like to overcome the fear of the unknown and be more open minded.

I had been in situations where I was asked to come to an event and I let my fear rule my mind and I stayed at home. Then I wondered all day long how the event was going and I would just get crazy. I’d like to challenge myself with stuff like that and just go to that event! Maybe I will meet new people there or I will learn something.



Last year I spent a lot of time just playing games on my phone and not doing anything. That’s just a huge waste of time and I want to push myself to doing more exciting things.  For example I really like the idea of taking a walk listening to music and maybe exploring new places.

Reading a book, meeting friends more often, going outside and taking photos or even cleaning my room up…  I would be very proud of myself if I’d do these things when I’m bored or just don’t have anything to do at the moment.


A few days ago I watched a livestream on Periscope by Christina Cimorelli who is my biggest inspiration. She said that she doesn’t really make resolutions or anything like that instead she thinks of a word how her year should be like or how she wants to be in that year. For me that would be confident.

I am not a very confident person. I worry a lot about things and then I feel insecure and unsure about what I’m doing and I really want to change that in 2017. I am also a shy person and I just want to start being more outgoing and confident when I am around people who aren’t my friends.

My goal for the week is to figure out if I am going to continue liking my current crush or not. We have had a lot of eye contact in the last couple of months and I can sense that he likes me back. The only problem is that he hasn’t approached me yet. I want to figure out if I should talk to him and maybe go out with him or if I should just get over him. For me the confidence is in the talking to him part.


What are your resolutions and goals for 2017? 



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