Hello everybody!

Today I want to blog about autumn which is my favourite season and next to Christmas my favourite time of the year. When it starts getting colder outside and you see that the first leaves fall from the trees you know it’s becoming autum slowly.

My three favourite things in autumn are fashion, the cosiness and the nature.


The second the temperature falls I get my sweaters, boots, scarves and beanies out and wear them. My favourite jacket this year is this one by KHUJO. I have always loved their coats and they keep me nice and warm whenever I’m outside. Last year I got myself this beanie by OPUS which says ‘Cosy’ in the front and I’m already excited to wear it in autumn and also in winter.



The cosiness

One thing that I love during the cold time of the year is having fairy lights lit in my room when it gets dark outside. They make me feel cosy, warm and relaxed. Also they remind me of Christmas which makes me very happy.

Every year I go to a local pumpkin market with my mom, my aunt and my grandmother. There are so many pumpkins in all sorts of size, colour and shape.

There are several booths where people sell handmade necklaces, scarves, pillows and bags. My favourite booth sells food made with pumpkins such as pumpkin waffles, pumpkin marmalade and pumpkin spiced latte.

We buy pumpkins, walk around and check out the offers from the booths and eventually buy whatever we like.

When I get home I arrange the pumpkins in my room and decorate the rest of my room autumnal.





In autumn I am more likely to go on a walk than in any other season. It’s not too cold outside but you still need a jacket which I quite like. When I go for a walk I grab my camera and take pictures of the nature.

Everything looks so much nicer in autumn. The leaves are red, orange and yellow and the trees look even prettier than usual.







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