Hong Kong 2015/2016


Hello everybody!

In December 2015 I got the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong with one of my closest friends. I had such an amazing time there and fell in love with the city immediately.

Although the trip is almost a year ago I really want to blog about it.

Enjoy reading!



Hong Kong is known for its statue of a huge Buddha. A lot of people want to see it and if you get there at the wrong time you need to be prepared to be queueing for a long time. My friend, her father and I got up early and we were at the ticket place at 9 am. About half an hour later we bought the tickets and around 10 am we were sitting in a cable car to the Buddha. We were really lucky that not so many people were there that day. After about 20 minutes we arrived at a little city filled with shops and restaurants.
And then we stood in front of the stairs to the Big Buddha. I felt so tiny in front of the great statue.

As we walked these stairs I felt like I was going to die. 268 steps. Just saying.

I think this was my favourite sight of Hong Kong because the statue is just breathtaking.












Ladies Market is a huge market where you can buy everything from phone cases, jewellery, souvenirs and clothes. They have a lot of junk there as well so be careful what you buy. And no matter how expensive or cheap, try to bargain.
Stanley Market is very nice too. I liked it more than the Ladies Market. It’s less crowded and you can buy good stuff and there isn’t as much junk as at the Ladies Market.

Ladies Market


In Hong Kong there are a number of buildings which have huge „holes“ in them. Yes, there is a thought behind it. I was confused at first too.
There is a legend that a dragon lived in the mountains and when he flew down to the sea and swam in the water he couldn’t see the mountains. So then the people built buildings with holes in them for the dragon to see the mountains again.




With this boat you can travel from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. It’s a 7 minute ride and I really enjoyed it. You see a lot of buildings and can take great pictures.




This is a mountain where you have an amazing view of Hong Kong. Come early otherwise it’s gonna be crowded and the day is ruined.
As my friend and I tried to take selfies where we epically failed. We could hardly look into the camera because the sun was so bright. So I would suggest to take a pair of sunglasses with you.
And also take a lot of photos. The view is breathtaking.




This is a coffee house near the Hopewell Centre. Here you get the best hot chocolate that even has Latte Art on it. We had some awesome designs on our beverages and I absolutely loved the café!



We went to have brunch in the morning at the famous Four Seasons Hotel and had some delicious breakfast. My friend and I ordered a hot chocolate each and were surprised that there were cute designs on our drinks! I got obsessed with Latte Art during our stay in Hong Kong…



In the evening we walked around the city for a while and went out for dinner. After that we went shopping at a shopping mall called IFC and there were a lot of nice shops. Then we went to the harbour of Hong Kong. There was the famous ferris wheel and we took it to kill some time before midnight which was really cool. You go around three times and you have a really breathtaking view from there over the city.

Finally it was only a few minutes before the countdown into the new year started. Everyone was down at the harbour and there were so many people!

I really enjoyed New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong, it was completely different from my previous experiences in Germany.



There were some other highlights for me on this trip other than the sights. The girlfriend of my friend’s brother straightend my mop of curly hair and it was crazy seeing how long my hair actually is.

Also we played a card game called ‘Shithead’ which is very easy to learn. We played it every evening and did a competition to see who was the best player. (I was the second best…)

All in all I have really enjoyed the week in Hong Kong. It was so great to be back in Asia again and of course it was nice to travel with one of my best friends together.

Bridge to Hong Kong Island

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