Writing in the dark

Hello everybody!

A while ago I have read a blog post by Zoe Sugg about the „Sparkler Season“ in Great Britain. She used sparklers and a certain camera setting and „wrote“ and „drew“ words and signs in the dark.

It looked so cool and I wanted to try that myself. The only problem was that it wasn’t dark outside and that I didn’t have any sparklers at home.

My mom helped me with this project and we had so much fun doing this together. We shaded the livingroom completely, got a tripod and a camera and selected certain camera settings. We looked for sparklers in our entire house but didn’t find any so we used an LED tea light candle instead. You just have to be creative and think of alternatives what you have available! Then I took the candle and drew figures in the dark while the camera was set on a long exposure mode.

I do have to say that Zoe Sugg’s photos look much nicer than ours because of the sparklers. But I wanted to try it anyway and maybe I will try it this autumn with real sparklers.

We tried several camera settings and techniques and it worked out really well. For writing a name you have to mirror the photo afterwards on your computer.

The camera settings I used:

ISO 100, Aperture 7.1, Exposure depends on what you are writing but 10 seconds was a good start, just try around.








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