My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Hello everybody!

I’ve seen this polaroid camera by Fujifilm on YouTube and Instagram a lot and I wanted to have one too. I think the idea is very nice and it’s a good thing for me to have because I like holding photos in my hands and not just seeing them on my phone.

My mother ordered the camera for me via amazon. It came after three days and I was in love with it the second I saw the box. But what we both forgot to order was the film. So actually the camera was completely useless.


There are a lot of different films, like ones with dots, stripes or little figures on the frame. But personally I like the original white frame the best.

The camera doesn’t have a display, you just take the photo via the view finder and the polaroid comes out of the camera’s top. Sometimes I’d like to know if the photo looks perfect or if I have to retake it, that’s the only thing I don’t like about the camera.

Also, the polaroid has a white frame to write on at the bottom as well as on top of it. I like to write the date I took it or a heart on it.

The polaroid’s center is white at first and after a while the colours of the photo slowly develop and appear.

As I said before I love to hold pictures in my hands and not just having them on my phone. I recently hung all my polaroids up on the wall next to the door of my room and I think it looks amazing.

Every now and then I meet my friends and we take some pictures with my polaroid camera. I always give them the ones where they are  pictured so that they have a memory of our time together.

What I always do when I have taken a polaroid is take a photo of it with my iphone. Sounds really weird but then I can print it out again or send a photo of it to someone.

I really like my Instax camera but there are two or three things which I don’t like.

The camera has this objective where you have to change the lighting settings otherwise the polaroid will be too bright or too dark. If this wasn’t there and you wouldn’t have to check on that some polaroids that I have taken would have turned out better.

Also the camera doesn’t have a screen where you can first look at the picture and then print it out. So you can’t see in advance if you have ruined the photo or done a good job.

But other than that I love using my polaroid camera and absoloutely love taking pictures with it.




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