How to enjoy life more

Hello everybody!

Recently I found a very inspiring blog post about being happy and being less stressed about life. And it made me wonder: How can we all be more positive about ourselves, our lives and about everything? How can we enjoy life more?

Enjoy reading!



Listen to music that makes you happy

I bet you’re thinking that you already are listening to music that makes you happy, because, why else are you listening to it? But by happy music I mean music which makes you want to dance or which makes you feel confident.

1.“Our Own House“ by MisterWives

2.“Oh My My” by OneRepublic

3. “I’m A Mess” by Cimorelli

4.“Really Don’t Care“ by Demi Lovato

5.“BO$$“ by Fifth Harmony

These are some songs which make me happy and when I listen to these I could dance right on the street (Which I’m not. You wish.)


„Forget the rules. If you like it wear it.“

We all have that one outfit which we’d love to wear but somehow we don’t, because we are too scared of what others will think about it. Right?

I think we should try to be more confident and just wear what we like. Of course people will give you looks but maybe some of them will think: ‘Wow. Her outfit looks really nice!’


Travel as much as you can

If you get the chance to travel somewhere exciting, take it!

It doesn’t matter how far away your destination is, see it as a chance to explore a new city and to learn new things there.

A few months ago I got the opportunity to visit Hong Kong (I will blog about that soon) and I’ve seen so many amazing things there and it was so much fun.

Don’t be scared of leaving your parents or of the food just enjoy your visit!


Take photos of everything

I take photos of literally everything I see. My shoes, sunsets, my family, my friends, a cup of coffee – everything. Although I annoy my mates sometimes when I take pictures of them there are always some great photos which they love. I take so many pictures because I want to create a memory and I want to be able to look back at it.

„Be that girl which is not shy to ask anybody to take a photo of her.“


Surround yourself with positive people

Whether it’s my friends, my entire class or my family, I’m always happy when I am surrounded with positive people. People who make me laugh, who inspire me and who are just amazing in general. Negative people make me feel insecure, sad or stressed and that’s why I try to spend as less time with negative people as possible.

I enjoy laughing with my friends about silly jokes and everybody else around us is just like  ‘What the heck…?’ We discuss stupid things which are completely unrealistic and I love that I have friends who I can do this with.

And also, stop talking to people who make you feel stressed, anxious or sad. Just don’t begin a conversation with them if possible and let them start the conversation if they really feel the need to talk to you.


Eat what you like

Don’t let people tell you what you are supposed to eat or not. Eat as much as you want and what you want. Just try not to be unhealthy at the same time…


Get inspired

I enjoy finding new inspiring blogs, scrolling through We Heart It and reading newsletters. That way I get a ton of new ideas for room decoration, for photo ideas and of course for my own blog.

For inspiration I mostly use We Heart It, which is an app filled with really nice photos. You ‘heart’ any photo you like and with that your ‘wall’ is filled with your favourite photos. I love this app and I could spend hours using it.

There are a lot of YouTubers who have their own blogs which I didn’t know until a few months ago… Sometimes it’s nice to read what they have on their mind instead of watching their videos.

Recently I found a website called ‘The Debrief’. A lot of talented writers share their thoughts about anything every day. My favourite column is by Gemma Styles which you can read every Saturday on ‘The Debrief’.

YouTubers, bloggers and band members talk or post a lot about certain topics and I get inspired by their thoughts a lot. For example Christina Cimorelli is my queen! She often talks about positivity, relationships and life in general on Snapchat or on her Twitter and every time I listen to one of her speeches I see things differently than before.

Sometimes even my own friends inspire and also surprise me in many ways. We would be talking about something and one of my friends would say something and I will be like ‘Oh my gosh that is so motivational and inspiring!’


Write your thoughts down

I have realised that writing my thoughts or ideas down is always calming me down and it helps me a lot. Even when it’s just a to-do-list I get more organized that way.


Stop comparing, start loving yourself

I think we all know this situation. We compare ourselves with everyone and we should stop. Instead we should try to love ourselves, like what we do or how we look. Remember that the person you compare yourself with compares herself with other people too. You’re not the only one.


YOLO-You only live once

Sometimes we are just too serious about life and stress too much about our future and more. We only have one life and we have to make the best out of it. I hope you liked this blog post and that it inspires you to enjoy life a bit more.


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